Air Dancer - 7-Eleven

Air Dancer - 7-Eleven

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Air Dancer :

7-Eleven Air Dancer inflatable tube man.

If you are a Dunkin Donuts franchise owner, then this air dancer is a must have.  This is a game changer for any store that is in a busy shopping complex or hidden behind other businesses.  Place this air dancer at the entrance of your shopping center to easily let people passing your location know that you exist and that they can quickly order through your drive thru window. Weight: 5lbs

Air blower fan is not included with your purchase. It can be added from the drop down options above.

Air Dancer Motor :

Air dancer blower for 18′ inflatable tube man bodies. This motor is designed for our 18ft stock and custom inflatable tube man bodies only. Our puppets come with a velcro attachment at the bottom that allows them to be effortlessly installed to the top of this blower unit.  The unit comes with an arm on each side to make it easier to move to different locations. Wheels can be installed at the bottom of the unit and are options.   It is important to keep this unit away from water, loose debris that can go into the grill, or other objects that can damage it.  When using extension cords to power this air dancer blower, be sure to keep the safety of yourself and others in mind.  Keep any electrical components away from water.  DO NOT use this product in the rain. Weight : 35lbs